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Google banned more than 2.3 billion ads in one year

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Google banned more than 2.3 billion ads in one year
Tech giant Google has announced that it has removed 2.3 billion ads from its network in the past one year. Along with this, the company has also terminated nearly one million bad advertiser accounts this year.

The company also stated that in response to the various scams it has rolled out 31 ad policies in 2018. Google claims that updated policies will address ads in unregulated or speculative financial products like binary options, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange markets and contracts for difference (or CFDs). “We also updated our gambling ads policies to address new methods of gambling with items that have a real-world value” (e.g., skins gambling).

Google also stated that last year it removed 320,000 publishers from their network for violating the publisher policies, and blacklisted nearly 90,000 websites and 700,000 mobile apps.

Google also said on many occasions it found that a number of small publishers were responsible for potentially violating the misrepresentative content policy and the company has blocked over 650 of those sites and terminated 90 publishers from their network.

The company said, “This type of policy violation occurs when bad actors try to make money as quickly as possible by copying news or content from other sites. In 2017, we blocked over 12,000 websites for ‘scraping’, duplicating and copying content from other sites, up from 10,000 in 2016."

In order to make the network more secure and to tackle fake news, Google also announced that it will be introducing the self-help tool for advertisers next month. With the help of the tool and machine learning, Google will scan the ads before they are uploaded on the network. Moreover, the company will also check that the ads fall in line with its policies.