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Maven uninstallation on Microsoft Windows

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Maven uninstallation on Microsoft Windows
In the previous article we have seen "Maven installation on Microsoft Windows"

For installing the maven we unzipped the binary distribution and set the environment variables.

Unlike other software we didn't install an exe file, so we can't uninstall from Control Panel - > Add or remove programs.

The uninstalltion of maven includes 3 steps:
Step 1: Delete the Environment Variables we have set earlier.
Step 2: Delete the maven installation directory (i.e unzipped binary distribution folder)
Step 3: Delete the maven directory.

Step 1 and Step 2 are general steps which can be performed by you easily.

In step 3, we are using a new term called "maven directory".

What is a maven directory?

Once we have installed the maven in our local computer, we will create some maven projects.
Whenever we create the maven project, it will download the jar files to our local computer.
these jar files are stored in particular location and that is called the maven directory or maven local repository.

You can find the maven directory in below location:
maven directory name will be ".m2"

The final step(Step 3) is to delete this .m2 directory, which will remove all the maven related references from your local computer.