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Google's dynamic email feature is now rolling out to all users

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Google announced Dynamic email as a new feature for Gmail early this year. The feature has been available to G Suite users and on the desktop for some time. Now, it is rolling out to all users. If you are a Gmail user then you may not be able to immediately locate it, but Google says most users will see the feature within 15 days. Dynamic email was first announced in March as a way to make emails more interactive in Gmail.

Google’s dynamic email: Here is what you need to know
The central idea with dynamic email is to get more done from one tab and eliminate need to switch tabs. With dynamic email, Gmail makes it easier to take action directly from within the message itself. These messages could be RSVP to an event, filling out a questionnaire, browsing a catalog or responding to a comment. One of the best examples of dynamic email integration and support is Google Docs. Gmail now shows an up-to-date thread whenever someone mentions you in a comment.

With dynamic email, you can reply or resolve the comment right from within the Gmail message. Earlier, you would have to switch to Google Docs on a separate doc to accomplish the same action. The feature is not limited to Google services, and it works with other businesses as well in the form of AMP emails. Businesses like, Freshworks, Oyo Rooms, redBus and others have started using dynamic email to make their emails more interactive.

Google says dynamic email uses the same privacy and security protection built into rest of Gmail. Those supporting option to send dynamic email will have to get reviewed by Gmail first before they can get started. While dynamic email has been available on the web and to G Suite users since March, mobile support is being added now. If you don’t want to use dynamic email then it can be disabled from the Admin console in the case of G Suite customers.