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744 million accounts were hacked and the websites exposed

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NEW DELHI: a new cyber hack has been reported online within which the details of 744 million users are compromised. according to a report, 744 million accounts are hacked and their details are up for sale on the darknet.

The report additionally added that the information breach occurred from 16 totally different websites. The list of hacked websites includes Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal, MyHeritage etc..

What information was stolen

The data breach includes the e-mail addresses, passwords, personal and location details of the users. The Register noticed the listing of hacked accounts on Dream Market and also the information is up for sale for less than $20,000 in Bitcoin. The report additionally suggests that the accounts have been hacked last year. As per the report, the hackers cracked the security vulnerabilities among these apps and extracted the account info of the users.

The Register additionally mentioned that it contacted MyHeritage to test if the sample info was real or pretend. the site confirmed that they suffered an information breach last year and also the piece of data was real. the other websites like 500px and EyeEm also confirmed that the account info of their users was stolen from their servers. both the websites are informing their users regarding the information breach and are also asking them to alter the passwords.

What users have to do now

A security scientist Gavin Millard to the freelance that users ought to check of their emails have been compromised or not by checking it on the Have I Been Pwned web site. the web site is known for collating all the key information breaches.
Earlier this year, one amongst the largest data leak was reported that compromised the information of 773 million users. the information compromised in the attack consisted of email IDs and passwords. the information leak was initially discovered by security scientist Troy Hunt. He added that the information is obtainable online and may be downloaded by anyone. Troy also warned that the list will be used by criminals to carry out hacking attacks.